Transfer WHM to WHM

It was the case when we needed to migrate from reseller server to dedicated server our all the clients details, and few of them are heavily in size around 5gb or so, in that case we have certain tools that can really migrate all your accounts and even the bandwidth from one hosting to another only thing needs to updated is IP. Let’us show you what was the situation and how we did that.

Situation: Around 65 Hosting accounts needed to be migrated to the new server and the domain control panel are also accessible for most of them but for domains which we did not had the access of the Domain control panel, we simply ask the customers to update by their end or migrate to our

  1. We have successfully migrated all the cpanels, bandwidth, emails and redirection almost everything
  2. Now We have updated the IP with out DNS so the DNS remains the same but the IP get differed so problem can be solved without changing the dns.
  3. In some case if the Database is too big and needs to update the certification, we have our own tools and we always make sure we maintain the KYC for every customers.


WordPress Dedicated Support

Since the WordPress is dominating the market, there are many companies are offering the WordPress premium themes, but very few are consistent and reliable into the market. The companies like and, they really mean business, delivering the own custom developed theme with the proper dedicated support from the original developers makes things noticeable to subscribe with them.

In recent research there are more than 6000 companies who are claiming to sell the WordPress themes with either subscription or selling the individual themes, we know theme forest have many themes where developers are submitting their themes and they are awesome with the quantity but when you really need to have proper WordPress theme than there are many factors that should be considered i mean must be considered to sustain with WordPress theme. Many times if your theme or the plugins get outdated, than there are many chances to sacrifice your WordPress website so the WordPress itself keep giving the updates and plugin updates as well but themes must be updated according to their relative versions and threat. Now “why is confident and more reliable” cause they develop their own themes and make sure they keep up the latest version and always make sure clients comments and feedbacks over the period of time. That always make your WordPress more secure and reliable to your customers and clients. There are also another benefit that must be considered  which is dedicated support on Gold and Life Time Plans offered by the Both of the plans comes with round the clock support over the Chat, Forums and Ticket system, I mean best of the best. Also considering the pace and nature of the competition, few of the developers are always on the chat, so they don’t need to create the ticket and wait for 5 to 6 hours while they get the reply as well as the solution in no time.   Sometime also get the comments of being the finest support but that is again a challenge to maintain that standard.

Considering the clients request and comments over the period of time, offers the


How to integrate Livechat – [ Formilla ] into WordPress

There are many companies looking for strong support for their customers and clients but it is something always challenging but with latest technology and modules, that is become little easy, we here demonstrate you the best live chat to our knowledge that is helpful for your WordPress website.

Step 1. Please visit and sign up with your concern email account, that can be helpful to get the intimation and login to your formilla dashboard.

Step 2. Open your Wp-admin which is your use your super admin credentials,

Step 3. Download the plugin from and integrate into your WordPress,


Step 4. Now Copy the WordPress formilla code which can be found at top-right corner of your formilla dashboard and paste into your WordPress formilla plugin settings.

Step 5. Now Test and Enjoy…. the best and most aggressive plugin for Live Chat Support

Note:  We can also integrate to your WordPress website, please email and subscribe to our custom paid support at $25/hr for complete setup and how to use guide.