Transfer WHM to WHM

It was the case when we needed to migrate from reseller server to dedicated server our all the clients details, and few of them are heavily in size around 5gb or so, in that case we have certain tools that can really migrate all your accounts and even the bandwidth from one hosting to another only thing needs to updated is IP. Let’us show you what was the situation and how we did that.

Situation: Around 65 Hosting accounts needed to be migrated to the new server and the domain control panel are also accessible for most of them but for domains which we did not had the access of the Domain control panel, we simply ask the customers to update by their end or migrate to our

  1. We have successfully migrated all the cpanels, bandwidth, emails and redirection almost everything
  2. Now We have updated the IP with out DNS so the DNS remains the same but the IP get differed so problem can be solved without changing the dns.
  3. In some case if the Database is too big and needs to update the certification, we have our own tools and we always make sure we maintain the KYC for every customers.


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