How to setup WHMCS with WordPress.

Few years back we have new support system that makes all of us amazed, people says its specialised in the Hosting but its one of the most flexible and easiest way to provide complete support to your clients and team.


Yes WHMCS provide complete support line as well as complete billing system that makes your headache little less, but not completely. We all have main fundamentals to have multiple department and each support system goes to right department and if you do little work around than yes, WHMCS is one of the best and better than rest of the so call CRM and Ticket System. Till now we have used more than 18 times of CRM to provide the best customer support but finally we started back with WHMCS, that is one of a kind and perfect with organisation  who respectively concentrate on clients satisfaction and their easy. Main feature that WHMCS can provide is simple setup, Latest regular update even you can say every couple of months you have the latest one that is always amazing and useful to update your CRM/Support system. Now here we can offer you instruction on how to setup WHMCS or you can hire us to setup your WHMCS with our developers at the rate of $25/hr, it take nearly 3 to 4 hours minimum depends on your requirement though.

Step 1.
Download the WHMCS from the native resources like : “”  and download the zip folder with full version.

Step 2.
Install on your respective directory on your domain or URL, we have used and than extract and use all the files inside “WHMCS” folder.

Step 3.
Setup the Database and other credentials and than go to the directory and find the and remove .new and make it to configuration.php

Step 4.
After configuration and rename the configuration file, you can visit the same url where you have install the WHMCS core files, once you visit that, you will have little forms and signs that will drive you to the configuration and than you can setup the other settings according to your support system.


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