Since 2007 we have been proud enough to serve Indians for some of its favorite food and along with that we believe to taking up challenges, turn up into opportunity and success is yours. That is what is believed by CEO Anand Ratnani and co-founder Kavita Ratnani who strongly foster the theme.



Its the fastest QFS in India selling fast food & quick foods having more than 100+ franchises.

Indie’Delights Website: www.chatkazz.com

Our Task


We have developed the website as well few more in-house application that helps the franchisee and chatkazz to control and communicate each other with complete records over every communication


We design graphity, flyers, banners and other stationary that helps in print-media branding


We ranked many keywords nationally to spread the brand name into the google and various search engines

Skills Involved


  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP & ASP with Android
  • Email and System support