How to integrate Livechat – [ Formilla ] into WordPress

There are many companies looking for strong support for their customers and clients but it is something always challenging but with latest technology and modules, that is become little easy, we here demonstrate you the best live chat to our knowledge that is helpful for your WordPress website.

Step 1. Please visit and sign up with your concern email account, that can be helpful to get the intimation and login to your formilla dashboard.

Step 2. Open your Wp-admin which is your use your super admin credentials,

Step 3. Download the plugin from and integrate into your WordPress,


Step 4. Now Copy the WordPress formilla code which can be found at top-right corner of your formilla dashboard and paste into your WordPress formilla plugin settings.

Step 5. Now Test and Enjoy…. the best and most aggressive plugin for Live Chat Support

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What is the email settings for third party emails ? Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo and etc…

Everyday, we have the question and we also have the answer, that i am going to clean the email box, but as we believe in the cloud server more than our self, we postponed, now here is very easy settings for most of the third party clients which you are using in todays life.

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1 Unusual Dataloss

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